EV Charging


So you have decided to purchase your first electric car? 

The perfect place to charge it is at home. It’s perfectly safe, your car battery gets fully charged while you sleep, and you have your car always ready to go in the morning.

Why to install a home charger?

Installing an EV Charger at home is more common because it is:

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Our home charger is equipped with the highest standards of electrical safety where the electrical current is not flowing unless the cable is connected to the car correctly

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Home plugs are not developed to charge electric cars and are not recommended. Home plugs might require in some cases up to 24 hours to charge your electric car battery at full. Our home chargers can charge your car as fast as 1.5 hours (for the 22kW charger) which is 10x times faster.

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Our charger operates with an app from which you can typically monitor the charging of your car from your smartphone or tablet. You can also schedule the times of charging without you having to go physically to the charger

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You can personalize your charger screen with the images of your vehicle, photos, company logo, etc….

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Our home charger is always connected and will receive regular updates that ensure your charger will be with the latest technology for the next 10 years.

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You can just plug it in when you get home and then unplug when you next leave. No need to wait while it charges.

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